We are a marketing agency committed to winning you the battle for attention...

Your business needs attention to flourish...

But, having a ‘creative’ video isn’t enough…


Neither is ‘strategic’ marketing if your ideas aren’t bold & inspiring.


What you need is creativity AND strategy – and that’s why you need us!


We are Digital Wisdom, a marketing agency on a mission to complete the circle – by offering our clients cutting edge digital strategy AND radical creativity. 


This is what makes us unique and your greatest ally in winning the battle for attention.

Share your vision...

Before we tell the world about you, YOU need to tell us about your world.

For only after understanding  your passion, your vision, your fears and your dreams and the complexities of the road ahead can we help you. 

This involves us getting to know your business objectives, your unique selling points, your company culture.

Only after this process, can we begin our journey together. 

This all starts with your free 20 minute consultation.

What we do...

Digital Strategy

A digital marketing strategy considers all the 'touch points' where your audience meets your business, ensuring the right concept, content & channels are utilised to maximum effect.

Content Creation

The material you share is at heart of your digital strategy. We can create radical, attention grabbing content, leaving you to focus on your business.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on the right social media channels, dramatically accelerates customer engagement & awareness. Our ongoing ad management service responds to the constantly shifting digital landscape.

Video Production

Nowadays video IS the online language of choice, the perfect medium for engaging potential customers. We've produced videos for clients that have been seen by millions - it works!

Social Media Management

Great content invites audience feedback. We have a rostra of talented copywriters, with the keen awareness needed to maintain your authentic voice across all of your channels.

Website Design & Dev.

Your website serves you 24/7 and is reachable from anywhere on the planet. This is why we dedicate so much time to polishing and finessing your core asset.

What happens next...

Following your free 20 minute, no-obligation consultation call,  

if we feel that we understand each other,  we’ll begin the following 4-part process.


The 3-4 hour consultation gives you the opportunity to share with us, everything we need to know about your business. This conversation is integral to everything we do.

2) Strategy plan

After listening, we will create your comprehensive strategy; at the end of which, we will offer you the choice to implement it yourself, or use our talented team to do it for you.

3) content creation

As soon as you’ve agreed to the strategy plan, our creative team will get to work and we start to produce the impactful content that is going to get you noticed.


The final part of the journey is the launch of your brilliant new campaign. It also marks the start of our ongoing activity of refining  and revising the core content.